My Story

My Story

I grew up on the countryside in Sweden together with my English father, Swedish mother and my four brothers. One of my younger brother’s got cancer when he was very young. This of course took its toll on the whole family. I don’t remember ever being afraid that he was going to die, whether that was due to me being a child or due to me listening to my intuition, I will never know. I carried a lot of the families emotions due to being an empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and as a result I have wanted to carry the emotional baggage of everyone since then who I see hurting. I have however learnt the hard way that we can never save anyone by doing that. Everyone has their own path to take and their own learning experiences. We can of course help and support each other but we cannot carry anybody else's burdens. It won’t serve them or you. 

When I was nineteen I moved to the UK. The second year of my studies in Edinburgh I became pregnant with my beautiful son Marcus. I had become a full time single mum. Later on my son would be diagnosed with ADHD. I didn’t know what that meant at the time but I felt scared for my son. School was hard for him and it broke my heart to see him struggling with communicating and being constantly misunderstood. From many years of being a mum to a son who couldn’t quite ‘fit in’, and having worked with different types of people for many years I know in my heart that these diagnosed children are evolved beings, come here to crash a system that no longer works. They’re way ahead of us, breaking the barriers. We need to listen to what they can teach us. 

We moved back to Sweden when my son was six years old. He is now eighteen and has recently moved back to Scotland to study in Edinburgh. He is this smart, funny, independant boy who has a heart of gold. I love him so much! He has been one of my biggest life teachers.

I have lived this life for over forty years now. I have loved and lost but also had the perfect kiss! I have lived in different countries and been on amazing journeys. I have worked with people of all ages and ethnicity as a music teacher and looked after refugee kids amongst other things. I have written books and music. I have raised a beautiful son. I have felt depression, sadness and guilt but I have also loved, danced and laughed till I cried. I keep learning...always learning. Stumbling as I go. But we need to remember to stop, breath and enjoy the view from time to time. Otherwise...what’s the point of the journey. 

Life doesn’t always give us what we want, it gives us what we need in order to reach our destination. You see, in order to get to the goal we need to follow a path that leads us there. You can’t fly a plane without getting the proper education first now can you? We ask for something, we stumble, we fall, we hurt, we get up and somehow grow taller and then all of a sudden we arrive. Not the same person as when we started, not quite. That person is still there but with so much more knowledge then before. See, now we can finally fly! Now there’s a hero’s journey if ever I heard it! 

Through meditation, creativity, self reflexion and inner dialogues with my higher self I find my truth and inner peace. A truth that lets me know who I truly am and what my path is in life. Sometimes you need to quiet down all that noise in order to hear your true inner voice, the one that is your best friend, your cheerleader and your genius inner self. If you let me, we can work on lifting the veil and finding yours as well. 

Love & light

So, are you ready to live the life you truly desire?

Let’s get started on your hero's journey!