Life Coach & writer

With a mindfulness approach

"When all things around me were falling apart, my sessions with Heidi were truly instrumental to lead me into the path of healing and letting things go. Her profound professional know-how and personal framing made every single moment feel safe and guarded yet challenging and inner-journey barrier breaking. I can highly recommend Heidi’s sessions."



Hi, I'm Heidi Hallifax

I am a certified Life Coach with a mindfulness approach.

I help people balance their life, manage stress, live in the present moment and take back their power.

I do this using

-therapheutic conversations



-Practices for selfdiscovery




Every person is unique, so your sessions will be personalized to your individual needs.

How I can help you

Yes, life can suck! It can be hard as hell when we don’t follow our inner values or passion. But life can also be amazing and beautiful. Ever heard of the hero's journey? It involves a hero going on this amazing adventure and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. I want you to start thinking of your life as a hero’s journey. You may be going through a difficult time now but that is also when most of your transformation takes place, making you into a stronger person. I can be your guide in this process. Helping you understand why you feel the way you do now, what your goals are and how to achieve them. Finding balance in life is a tricky rope but I promise you that if you follow your truth and passion that life will start to feel a lot more easy and dare I say amazing! 

As your personal life coach I will help you…

Identify where you are in your life now and why you feel the way you feel

Balance your life in the here and now

Help you discover and meet your goals

Find inner peace

Help you see your own true power

Sessions are held in English or Swedish


3 Month Plan

699 euro

This 3 month plan is the surest and best way to make an actual change to your life.

12 sessions (one per week)

Individual sessions

60 Euro 

Sessions can be held out in nature, at my home, over the internet or via textmessaging or emailing. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. We will find the right path for you.

 Each session is up to an hour long.

Love & Light

For further information please contact me on info@heidihallifax.com 

Love & Light 

Listen to my podcast Dreamscape, where I talk about everything spiritual, mystical, mindfulness and so much more!

Sometimes I have very interesting guests! So stay tuned <3


My Trilogy! Oh how I love these characters! If you like fantasy, romance and dreams, you will love these books. 

Audiobook for the first book is available on Bookmate and for FREE on my youtube channel  Heidi Hallifax - Dreamscape


Alex is an artistic woman in her early 20’s who lives in Edinburgh with her bubbly flatmate Lisa. One evening out with her best friend Chris, she finds herself wooed by Dave, a charming and handsome man. But her world turns upside down when another man appears in her dreams. The world where she is asleep becomes a place of adventure, beautiful scenery, and it is where she falls in love with Peter. But can you truly be in love with a man your own fantasy has manifested? Alex finds herself torn between reality and fantasy. Should she follow her heart or her head?



Alex has everything she has ever dreamed of. She got the man of her dreams, literally, and now they have a beautiful daughter. So what could possibly go wrong? Alex’s life takes a nasty turn when her dad turns ill and her daughter Erin goes missing. She gets her hopes up when she starts seeing her in her dreamscape, but can she get her back like she did Peter? Or is it only wishful thinking? Why do these worlds blend and what is Alex role in it? Follow Alex journey into a world of despair, hope, fear and beautiful dreams


The New Earth

One day out in the park Erin displays an unusual power by levitating. Peter and Alex don’t fully understand how although they know that it must have something to do with Erin’s connection to the Dreamscape. Their worry escalates as this gets caught on camera and spreads on the internet, leading the government to take an unnerving interest in Erin as well as spiritual communities. Things start to become even stranger as ghosts, shadow-men and other dreamlike creatures appear in Edinburgh. Together with her new found friends Sky, Matt and Victor she tries to put the puzzle together before it’s too late…for all of us. 

Mindfulness Mix 

Hälsans Källa

In Swedish - English version coming soon

Vad är mindfulness och hur kan det hjälpa dig i livet? 

Många har hört om mindfulness men vet inte var de ska börja. I den här boken introduceras du till några utav mina mindfulnessfavoriter plus 15 guidade andningsövningar, meditationer och avslappningsövningar. Med hjälp av dessa övningar kan du lättare hantera stress och livet kommer att kännas mer i balans. När ditt sinne är i harmoni så är även kroppen det. 

Välkommen in i mindfulness magin.